Cava Torre Oria Brut



Our brut sparkling wine is the signature beverage of Torre Oria.

 It’s our most demanded wine worldwide and the top exporting wine of 

our cellars. It’s a delicate selection of the best Macabeo

and Chardonnay from our region.


We pursued a secondary fermentation in the bottle, which may take up 

to 9-10 months. This results in a complex wine with a sweet,

citric, tropical and enjoyable fresh taste.


It also has a well-balance bubbling that ascends beautifully in the 

glass. And also leaves a lovely time lasting memory.


Cava Torre Oria Brut Reserva

For our Reserve Brut sparkling wine, we use the varieties Macabeo 

and Chardonnay. We carry out a secondary fermentation in the bottle

that takes at least 15 months.


This allow us to achieve even more complex flavorings, like bakery or 

nuts, but less fruity. However, we get a more elegant

and better embedded bubble.


This results in a more elegant, more expressive and more intense 

sparkling wine. That lasts longer in your mouth.


I think it perfectly reflects the spirit of our region. It highlights the 

characteristics of our area.


Cava Torre Oria Chardonnay 


 Our sparkling wine Chardonnay is of higher quality. It’s made of 

 a traditional variety, Chardonnay, with brief time in oak.


 It’s a more elegant, more structured wine that has a more intense 

 flavor. There’s no doubt that it’s a more elaborate wine.


 It has bakery and nuts flavorings with hints of coconut and spices.


This results in a extraordinary wine carefully packaged.

 It’s for certain a premium range wine.