Leyenda Merlot


 Leyenda Merlot is another wine in the range, that can be found in 

 many places worldwide. Merlot is pretty special, it’s got a lovely 

 richness and juiciness typical of Merlot.


 Lots of plumb and blueberries. It’s got plenty of softness and

 sweetness of vanilla notes.

 This makes this wine really interesting.

Leyenda Sauvignon Blanc


 Leyenda Sauvignon Blanc is a wine full of freshness and vitality.


 It’s got delicious aromatics that are typical of Sauvignon Blanc.

 You’ll find berries and a little bit of grass, and a lot of freshness,

 crispy acidity.


 It’s a really enjoyable fresh white wine.

Leyenda Monastrell


 Leyenda Monastrell is one of  my favorites wines in the range. It’s 

 made of a local Spanish variety which is found all across the country.


 Monastrell combines richness and opulence with a lovely freshness.

 This is because of the situation here in Valencia.


 It tastes of rich blackberries, blueberries, plumb. Also, with Monastrell 

 you get a nice softness to the tannin structure.


 It has notes of delicious dark chocolate, and oak character. This adds 

 to make the whole wine a really great combination.


Leyenda Shiraz


 Leyenda Shiraz is one of my favorites wines.


 The way it tastes is a delicious fruity character combined with

 chocolate and spice. The way that I think you’ll feel

 tasting this wine is a softness and opulence.


 That are very enjoyable and makes a really perfect wine for anyone.